Thanks for joining The Watch Tribe. I've built this for a few reasons, but primarily:

  • There are so many places to talk about my watches, and I can't keep on top of them all. I wanted one place for everything, so stuff didn't get missed
  • So many online communities have such a toxic atmosphere. I wanted somewhere pleasant to discuss watches
  • Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are becoming less and less trusted, for good reason. I want to offer something different, but with a familiar feel
  • I wanted somewhere to write about my love of watches without linking it to my own business. I make watches because I enjoy it, and often the watches I appreciate are made by other brands. Now I have somewhere to do that. If anyone else would like the opportunity to write an in-depth article/blog post here (rather than just quick chat stuff) let me know, I'm very open to it

The Watch Tribe is open to everyone, including other brand owners. I do own a watch brand, but I don't want to exclude others at all. I want this to be a fun place for everyone, not a marketing opportunity for myself. There are far easier ways to do that!

From time to time I'll update this pinned post with articles, either here or on other sites, that I think are worth linking to. Enjoy!